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Recruitment Executive

Recruitment Executive


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Job Description:

1. Capable of independently carry out recruitment work, including collecting recruitment needs from various departments, developing and maintaining various recruitment channels, writing recruitment JD, publishing positions, screening resumes, organizing interviews, providing interview evaluation, giving offers and make onboarding arrangements, etc., to ensure the timely development of interview work and the assessment results meet the job requirements;

2. Capable of summarizing the problems existing in the recruitment work, put forward reasonable suggestions on system and process optimization, and complete the analysis report;

3. Capable of composing a staff training plan according to the actual needs, organize staff training, track and evaluate the training effect and put forward suggestions for improvement;

4. Capable of complete other human resources related work assigned by the leader in a timely manner.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in human resources management or related, at least 3 years working experience in recruitment or training field;

2. Familiar with the laws, regulations and policies of the state and enterprises on labor relations and personnel management;

3. Proficient in using office software and capable of independently preparing training courseware according to training needs; Those who have rice experience in internal training are preferred;

4. Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English. Good interpersonal and cross-department coordination and execution skills, able to work under a certain pressure, be self-motivated and embrace strong sense of responsibility;

5. Working experience in large-scale manufacturing industry or working experience in MNC is preferred.