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Newly-Adopted Golden Retriever Walks 64-Km Over 27 Days Back To Former Owners

Newly-Adopted Golden Retriever Walks 64-Km Over 27 Days Back To Former Owners

They say there is ”No love like a dog’s love.” Exemplifying the same, a golden retriever, whose owners were forced to give him up, escaped his new home and embarked on a 40-mile journey back to his former address.

According to a Metro report, the dog named Cooper leapt out of the car soon after arriving at his new home in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. It then vanished for almost a month and covered an estimated 40 miles (64km) to Tobermore, County Londonderry, back to its original owners.

Missing pets charity Lost Paws NI said they received a tip-off on April 22 that the canine had been seen in a number of fields and hanging around by properties. Five days later, another caller reported seeing Cooper running towards his old house. They said the dog walked alone through back woods and along main roads, moving mostly at night, without any help from humans.

A spokesperson for Lost Paws NI, said, ”Cooper is a clever boy. Instinct took him back to a place he was familiar with. How he did it, I’ll never know but he managed it. No food, no shelter, no help, just dogged determination and that incredible nose.

“We had searched in place, day and night and we had tracked him back to a spot where we lost him again but now we know he was almost back in the area where he’d started before he was given to the dog pound. Cooper crossed main A-roads, forests, fields, country roads all over 27 days to make his way back home from an area he had never been in before. We are absolutely delighted to have been part of his rescue and a story that.”

New owner Nigel Fleming said Cooper is ”safe now” and ”eating small meals to build up his strength and put some weight back on slowly.”

Mr Fleming added, ”Even when he was missing, my faith in humanity was restored thanks to the incredible help I was offered, and today with him here by my side and with Molly, I don’t really have the words to explain the gratitude I feel.”

A spokesman for Lost Paws NI said, ”Cooper is settling in well to his new home life with his sister and is enjoying some home comforts.   We visited him several days ago when he was caught and he was cuddled up by the fire, comfortable and loved.  I’d like to comment that his new owner Nigel is one of the most dedicated owners we’ve had the pleasure of meeting. Nigel never stopped fighting, never stopped asking for advice, and never stopped filling the food bowls every time we were on the move. This story is one about positivity, perseverance, loyalty, battling for what you want in life and never giving up.”

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