What is Marketplace?

What is Marketplace?

A marketplace is a large online shopping center, where products from many brands are offered and in which you can find any product, anytime and from anywhere.

Marketplaces work in a simple, effective and economical way. The goal is that both customers and sellers have it easy when it comes to selling and buying.

These online shopping centers act as intermediaries, offering buyers the full range of products they house, facilitating the work of sellers and guaranteeing the security of the purchase and sale.


Marketplaces have many advantages for those who sell their products on these platforms:

  • It is relatively easy to work with them.
  • They bring a lot of traffic, which is not comparable to what a smaller online business can have.
  • Marketplaces allow you to sell products without having an E-Commerce.


  • As there is competition between brands, prices are low and there are always promotions or offers.
  • The guarantee that the payment will be made safely, without jeopardizing the user’s data.